Vita Sleeves

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Heal and Strengthen Your

Knees with These 7-zone

Compression Sleeves

Vita Sleeves helps reduce inflammation and stimulate
blood flow for stronger, healthier knees

  • Improves blood flow and oxygen delivery
  • Boosts stability for joints and muscles
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Prevents further injury
  • Allows for free, uninhibited movement
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“As an avid hiker, it’s essential that I care for my knees, and I have total confidence when I wear Vita Sleeves for my most grueling hikes.”

Kevin M.
  • Germanium & Bamboo Charcoal Fiber

  • High Tension Fiber Strings

  • 3D Breathable Knitting

Vita Sleeves Are Perfect For

  • General Pain
  • Arthritis
  • Tendonitis
  • Cartiledge Tears
  • Ligament Tears
  • Injury Prevention

Vita Sleeves For Knee Recovery & Relief

Vita Sleeves uses advanced multi-zone compression technology to reduce pain and inflammation. It increases healthy oxygen and blood flow to your knees, allowing you to heal and simultaneously improve your performance.

That’s why millions of Americans are protecting their knees with Vita Sleeves

  • Quick Pain Relief

    Increased blood flow starts reducing inflammation nearly instantly, along with any aches and pains.

  • Increased Mobility

    Targeted compression helps keep your joints stable so you can move more freely.

  • Promote Healing

    7 zones of compression signal blood flow to all areas allowing previous injuries to heal and a shorter recovery time.

  • Faster Recovery

    With the pain reduced and the knees held stable, you can enjoy any activity with your knees - all without fear!

Restore Your Knees for 50% OFF

Hurry! Only 217 Left At This Price!

Benefits of Vita Sleeves
Complete Knee Recovery
& Relief

You no longer have to suffer through debilitating knee pain. Vita Sleeves can help you heal
faster and restore the confidence - and the movement - in your hurting knees.

  • 7 Zone Warming

    Advanced multi-zone compression technology sends healthy blood flow to crucial areas of the knee to promote natural healing.

  • Meniscus

    The carefully texturized fabric massages your meniscus for a pleasant warming sensation that relieves pain and protects the joint.

  • Slim &
    Discrete Design

    Wear it discreetly under your clothes - no one has to know it’s there but you!

  • 3D Weaving &

    The high-tech fabric construction conforms with your body while staying perfectly placed with an extra strong non-slip grip.

Vita Sleeves Improve Knee Function For Everyone






Restore Your Knees for 50% OFF

Hurry! Only 217 Left At This Price!

The Science Behind
How It Works

Vita Sleeves was designed with the help of top orthopedic surgeons and engineers to ensure that every part of the sleeve helps you achieve the maximum benefit for your knees.

Vita Sleeve uses patented compression systems to help promote natural healing and better performance in your knees.

  • Instant Support & Stabilization

    Compression support on both sides of the joint holds your kneecap in a stable position, while still allowing crucial movement to help make it stronger

  • Improved Blood Flow & Oxygen Delivery

    Targeted pressure around the 7 vital-function zones of your knee and meniscus signals more nurturing blood and oxygen to flow, helping to speed up recovery.

  • Inflammation Reduction & Soothing Pressure

    Vita Sleeves is engineered to deliver the precise compression needed to reduce inflammation and activate your body’s natural healing response.

  • Anti-Inflammatory Response

    When blood flow increased to the inflamed areas, the cells can do their job faster and leave vacate, causing a natural anti-inflammatory response that reduces pain.

Restore Your Knees for 50% OFF

Hurry! Only 217 Left At This Price!

Restore Your Knees for 50% OFF

Hurry! Only 217 Left At This Price!

Customers Reviews
What Our Customers
Have To Say

I find these to be the best option!

I started using these for squats at the gym. They did a surprisingly good job of taking away the knee pain. They also never ride up or down the leg which is pretty much impossible to find with any other sleeve. Personally I find these to be the best option.

Greg C. Verified Buyer

I can work comfortably even after surgery.

I’ve had multiple surgeries in my knees, and ever time the doctor suggested I use Vita Sleeves to help recovery. The increased bloodflow from the compression makes your knees heel faster and reduce swelling, and I can walk comfortably even after surgery.

Betty R. Verified Buyer

Restore Your Knees for 50% OFF

Hurry! Only 217 Left At This Price!

Frequently Asked Questions
We’ve All The Answers

Can Vita Sleeve be machine washed?

It is best if you wash your sleeve by hand to protect the fabric and ensure it lasts as long as possible.

Is there a size limit for the sleeves?

Vita Sleeve is designed to fit adult men and women of all sizes, but it will be too big for children.

Do they ride up your leg or fall down?

Vita Sleeve is designed with a reinforced rubber grip that keeps the sleeve firmly in place even throughout vigorous movement.

Can you wear the sleeve after surgery?

Yes. In fact, most doctors recommend that you wear a compression sleeve following knee surgery in order to help facilitate faster healing.

Is the fabric hypoallergenic?

Yes, the flexible 3-D fabric is safe for sensitive skin and will not cause any adverse reactions.

Restore Your Knees for 50% OFF

Hurry! Only 217 Left At This Price!